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Open Positions


Contract duration: 1 year
Location: GCC country
  • Leads the data management department and resources
  • Directs and oversees high level strategic and tactical decisions for data analytics/ data management tools and applications
  • Facilitates organizational data strategies for governance, design, implementation, integration and usage
  • Responsible for leading the design and maintenance of data management applications
  • Ensures that the use of data management applications enhance business decision making capabilities
  • Manage change requests and manage inventory (data and integration requirements) with key data elements required and the report owner.
  • Provide guidance in defining business-critical metrics and analyses
  • Lead teams to consensus around development of reporting priorities across key initiatives
  • Ensures insights are made available and are consistent throughout the enterprise
  • Any other activity required to activate the data management department
Skills and qualifications
  • Undergraduate degree in a technical field, MBA preferred
  • 10+ years’ experience in a data management domain
  • Strong knowledge of data formats, software’s limitations for data management
  • Knowledge of business objects and data sources
  • Experienced in data management frameworks and data governance models
  • Experience of performing in-depth business analysis to determine information requirements.
  • Proven track record of delivery of large-scale data related projects
  • Data Quality process experience, including data profiling, remediation and success metrics
  • Prior experience in Data Cleansing projects
  • Master Data Management (MDM) experience
  • Previous experience in setting up data management departments/organizations


Contract duration: 1 year
Location: GCC country
  • Work with the users, other architects, business analysts, and application designers within IT to define the data requirements and structure for the core applications
  • Define the overall data architecture solution and the supporting capabilities
  • Model and design the application data structure, storage, and integration
  • Lead the data architecture analysis, design, and build effort
  • Ensure that data architecture designs fulfill the requirements, including data volume, frequency needs, and long-term data growth
  • Assist in determining the cross-application data standards, data distribution standards, and tuning strategies for the organization
  • Review the database deliverables throughout development to ensure quality and traceability to requirements and adherence to all quality protocols
  • Ensure that the developers and database administrators responsible for developing the database thoroughly understand the requirements and designs
  • Ensure that all architecture designs support and align with the data architecture
  • Interface with Enterprise Architecture to ensure data architecture artifacts are in line with EA standards
  • Support development and test teams with the creation of test data and ensure it conforms to security requirements of the organization
  • Any other activity required to activate the data management department
Skills and qualifications
  • Undergraduate degree in a technical field
  • 7+ experience as a data architect
  • Detailed understanding of data architecture and all its capabilities
  • Ability to develop or revise the data architecture to align to the overall requirements
  • Ability to develop or revise the database architecture as new data requirements arise
  • Ability to develop and manage all aspects of the data effort, including the interdependencies, schedule, budget, tools, and required personnel for developing the database
  • Prior experience in Data Cleansing projects

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